Hard to believe, isn't it that our theatre (pictured above) only exists for 4 weeks a year! How on earth is that even possible? Well, we know some very clever people! Our Director and Head Honcho, Maxie Peters, designed the staging and collaborated with our in-house Suit to design the seating area. And then every year in the dead of night, the magic begins to happen as the trucks arrive and a specialist team set about transforming the large hall into our 700 seat auditorium! You would think it would take days to create something like this, but they have it done in a matter of hours. Watch the video below to see for yourself!


Time lapse of our auditorium coming to life

We have allocated a large space to the side of the auditorium to accommodate prams, pushchairs and strollers. We offer free booster seats for the younger members of our audience, and there is plenty of uncrowded more quiet space immediately adjacent to the auditorium for anyone needing a little break from all the excitement. Support and Guide dogs are welcome in the auditorium.

We encourage a relaxed, informal atmosphere and we operate an open door policy during shows which means patrons can come and go at will during the show (vital for those toilet trips!)

Being able to design your own auditorium has major benefits: we have ensured that there are no areas with restricted views; every seat is the best seat in the house with a full view of the entire stage.  There is plenty of space between seat rows, allowing for easy access, ample leg room, minimal disruption to other patrons during the show, and particularly in the front stalls section, the extra depth of the rows makes it easier to see the stage no matter who is sitting in front.


We have made the main aisles as wide as possible to assist access and to speed up patrons' exit from the auditorium at the end of the show and we have allowed plenty of space around the seating area generally, which is handy when you have mini dancing queens and energetic young superheroes who like to express themselves out of their seats!   

All seats are covered and slightly padded and have adjustable arm rests. The auditorium is heated and rubbish bins are situated around the seating areas for your convenience.

Our seating is categorised by the floor block at the front and a larger tiered section behind, structured in a cinema style, featuring 2 wide aisles with shallow steps either side of a large middle section and flanked by smaller blocks on the outside.


The front section is all on floor level. This area is ideal not only for those who like to be up close to the action, but allows ease of access for anyone with any kind of reduced mobility. In a unique move, we have created space for up to 16 wheelchair spaces in every show, which is up to 4 times as many as the more traditional venues around the region. Again, as a result of our design, even those wheelchair spaces allocated on the end of an row have an unrestricted view of the stage.